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Summer Tips to Save Money and Reduce your Carbon Footprint

As summer approaches, it becomes far too easy to rely on air conditioners to keep you cool from the warmest days or in some areas the overbearing heat. While air conditioners may be convenient, energy costs are on the rise again and using one endlessly this summer will quickly increase your utility bill. go

Cap and Trade 101

The goal is to steadily reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide in a cost-effective manner. Can it be done without breaking (our) bank? go

Cameron Diaz Saves the World?

Cameron finishes up shooting her new environmental documentary on "our relationship to the planet". go

"Green" Breaks the Tie!

Survey says – "Green" becomes tiebreaker for shoppers brand decisions. go

Obama’s Green Platform

As summer arrives, Obama fine tunes his platform messaging in an attempt to gain some traction. go

What's Your Green Light Story?

Share that moment in time - that split second when you realized it was your time to begin to learn more, perhaps begin to embed green in your life. Take a look at the original "Green Light" story – and read the others sent in by EarthLab members – then, share yours! go

EarthLabTV – Video Tips!

Learn how you and the entire family can implement sustainable habits! go
Earth to Duane
How does an average joe go green? One stumble at a time.
Mario Batali
Through his restaurants, cookbooks, products and tv shows, Mario breathes the spirit of the Old World into modern day America!
EarthLab Poll

Do you support providing tax rebates for purchasing energy-efficient vehicles or solar panels?

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Somewhat support
Somewhat oppose
Strongly oppose TV Presents: Brighter Living with Jill Cordes. See the Latest Episode Here.
Share Your Green Light Story
Al Gore? The birth of a child? $3.25 gasoline? What switched your Green Light on?
What's Your Earth Impact?
Mario Batali

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