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2008 Presidential Candidates - Environment

Democrats Presumptive Nominee

Barack Obama
Obama's proposal to reduce global warming involves the implementation of an economy-wide, market-based cap-and-trade system. "No business will be allowed to emit any greenhouse gases for free," Obama states. "Businesses don't own the sky, the public does, and if we want them to stop polluting it, we have to put a price on all pollution." This ambitious cap-and-trade system will auction off 100 percent of emissions permits, making polluters pay for the CO2 they emit. The system also mandates the reduction of emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Obama plans on investing $150 billion in "climate friendly" energy supplies, such as ethanol, over the next ten years, while simultaneously maintaining and protecting the existing manufacturing base. "My general view is that we should experiment with all sorts of potential energy sources," says Obama. "Don't prejudge what works and what doesn't, but insist that we have very strict standards in terms of where we want to end up, and enforce those standards vigorously."

Republicans Presumptive Nominee

John McCain
McCain believes that America's economic and environmental interests are not "mutually exclusive, but rather inextricably linked." His approach to global warming involves limiting carbon emissions by bringing nuclear energy to the forefront of the market, which will reduce America's dependence on foreign supplies of energy. These concepts are outlined in his Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act, along with his plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially enough to forestall catastrophic global warming. Implementing these reductions involves setting mandatory greenhouse gas pollution reductions in all major sectors of the U.S. economy, using free-market incentives to lower costs, and providing support for technology innovations. "Americans solve problems. We don't run from them," states McCain on the environmental page of his Web site. "Most, if not all of the ways that we can address this issue are through profit motive, free-enterprise-system-driven green technologies."

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Densely populated areas like the Nile Delta and parts of Bangladesh would become uninhabitable, potentially driving hundreds of millions of people from their land.

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